SC Child ID Kits

In 2022, the South Carolina General Assembly unanimously passed S.1103, otherwise known as the South Carolina Child ID law. As a result, Chesterfield County School District has been given at-home child ID kits that are available for each student in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. CERDEP students will be eligible to receive a kit next year.
To obtain a kit for your student(s) please, call the school office and we will send one home with your child.  These are inkless, at-home kits, stored by parents and guardians that never enter a database. This kit should take less than 2 minutes to complete and is designated to be stored solely by you as a parent or guardian in a cool, dry, and safe place at home. Please understand there is no obligation to request or use the kit. However, it will allow you to have your child’s vital information, fingerprints, and DNA in a safe place should you ever need it. These kits are to be STORED AT HOME and should only be given to law enforcement in case of an emergency.