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Message from the Principal

Greetings JES Family!
I am excited for this opportunity to serve the wonderful students, parents, faculty, staff, and community here at Jefferson Elementary School.  Each of our dedicated team members are committed to excellence to all of our students.  We believe that all of our students are destined for greatness, and unlocking that potential is the mission of the JES family.  My goal is to continue the positive momentum here at JES through collaborative leadership.  My vision as a leader is to maintain a safe and successful learning environment that facilitates student academic growth, and fosters positive relationships for all stakeholders.  As the new principal of JES, my mission is to continue the great traditions in our school to continually GROW every student on the pathway to success.  Through a collaborative effort of both internal and external stakeholders, we will continually set goals for our students, help them to build relationships to support their dreams, assist in realizing the opportunities in front of them, and create a winning formula for all students to succeed.  Together we will continue the success that has distinguished our school and community, and build upon that momentum to create new opportunities for growth for our students.  We will continue to demonstrate at the district, state, and national levels what it means for our students to experience The JES Advantage!


Dr. Jason McGuire